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Jason Bickel

NPTI Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Kettle Bell Teacher
Certified Yoga Teacher

I have been involved in personal training for over 8 years and strength & conditioning for 13+ years, with extensive experience training high school-collegiate level athletes, as well as the general public. But long before I began actually training people, I was once a "client," of sorts. I was about 100lbs or so overweight, weighing around 320ish, give or take depending on the day and "things," weren't going well. I wasn't happy with myself, my life  and certainly not my body or self image.  So I joined the local Ballys, bought a few magazines and headed off to the gym.

Success... Low to moderate is probably the best way to describe how things were moving, but my effort was there, so I couldn't figure out the issue. One day, and by pure chance/luck and kindness, a couple guys saw me  (later learned they were Marines) and pulled me aside. They flat out said "You work hard, but you're missing," x-y-z and rewrote my entire  plan and nutrition. All safe, all sound, all education for me. I  followed their guidelines and over the next 12 months, I lost 100lbs. No supplements, no cheating, no days off. Mindful, intelligent  training. Nothing mind blowing, but it was in the speed and exercise  selection, plus the cardio and then nutrition that made it happen.
Since then, I've become certified in personal training, power yoga and kettle  bell instruction. I fully believe you must train every branch/element  of your entire being to truly appreciate and become aware of all of your capabilities and enjoy life to the fullest.

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