Our Story

A Special Message from Trina

In the early morning hours of Monday, December 12, 2016, one of our members ended their workout early due to strange sounds coming from the ceiling. Shortly after this person left, thousands of pounds of heavy, wet snow caused a catastrophic roof collapse, which destroyed some pieces of equipment and effectively shuttered my business, my passion, and my livliehood for the next six months. As devastating as this was, I am actually grateful that it happened how and when it did.   First and foremost, I am relieved beyond words that no one was hurt. Had this happened during peak hours later that morning, people could have been killed. This event forced me to carefully consider how to proceed. At times, I felt just as broken as the splintered rafters that once held up the roof. But my little gym wasn’t just mine--it also belonged to hundreds of loyal members who were counting on me to be strong, and to rise above this disaster. I couldn’t let them--or you--down. I decided that like a Phoenix, we would emerge bigger, better, and stronger than ever!   The Hambden Health & Fitness family has given me the support and strength that I needed to rebuild our gym. Our members are very happy with the results of our construction and reinvestment efforts. I listened to them and worked tirelessly to make this gym the cleanest, safest, and nicest fitness facility around. Now it's ready for you. You’ve made us #hhnfstrong!

–Trina Cianfaglione


Hambden Health & Fitness