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Hambden Health & Fitness Center offers several membership options including individual, couple, family as well as student. We also offer special discounts for senior citizens, joining with friends, law enforcement officers, government employees and military.

1,3,6 month and yearly memberships available.

Hambden Health & Fitness has something  to offer each and every individual in maintaining a string and healthy you!

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Top Ten Reasons to Join a Gym

Reason 1
You haven't got the energy to exercise. Guess what- exercising actually gives you energy! There's nothing more exhausting than spending all day sitting around eating high-fat snacks!

Reason 2
It makes you feel better! You also get a real feeling of accomplishment when you reach or beat a personal goal.

Reason 3
Exercising helps your cholesterol. It increases your HDL, which is your good cholesterol – which is linked to protecting you against heart disease. It also lowers your LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides (which is a good thing!) ...This is if you do cardio exercise – i.e. exercise that raised your heart rate (approx 90% of your peak heart rate – the machines at the gym will have settings to find the heart rate you should be aiming for though so don't worry about working it out for yourself.)

Reason 4
You build muscle – which is even more important than it sounds. We're not all going to have biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but that doesn't matter, because we don't need to. What we need is to increase lean muscle mass - which helps support your frame (abdominal muscle is particularly important for this), and the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn - even when you're not exercising. That's right, by having more muscle, you burn more calories per day without any extra effort.

Reason 5
You feel better about yourself – as you exercise your figure will improve and so will your body image. It also helps improve posture, which is a big problem for many people. Muscle aches and pains also begin to decrease rapidly!!!

Reason 6
It helps your immune system – exercising aids your body's natural defenses against cold and flu viruses among other things.

Reason 7
Helps you believe that you can make a difference to the way that you look and feel – until you start, you don't really believe it's possible.

Reason 8
You can keep a track of your progress easily by seeing how long /what pace / what level you can sustain on different machines. It really gives you such a good feeling to see that you've made strides in the right direction.

Reason 9
You work muscles you never knew existed – that might not be something you enjoy at first, but after a while you'll truly appreciate it.

Reason 10
You won't think ”Oh my gosh,  I'm a Sumo Wrestler or ”Aaaauuuurrrrggghhh!!!!! I'm a Beached Whale as you look in the bathroom mirror.
"I couldn't buy all the equipment myself. And even if I could, having the support of other people makes it better than trying to exercise in my basement."